New Immigrants

As an Italian-American immigrant and expatriate with extensive training in Social Work and Psychotherapy , as well as over 20 years in the Corporate world, I bring a lot of life experience to my work as a psychotherapist.

Living in the Midwest, Europe, China, and working in Africa has given me a deep understanding of cultural and ethnic diversity.

I worked in therapy with many individuals who immigrated to the United States from all over the globe, including Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Each person has a distinctive experience of the process of coming to this Country, whether that is permanent or for a period of time.

Together we will process the emotional impact of:

  • Assimilating, and making a new home here
  • Adjusting to the American culture, economy, and society
  • Cultural differences
  • Workplace and the Corporate world
  • Understanding the political system
  • Navigating the immigration system:
    • Legal immigration
    • Access to resources
    • Applying and waiting for a Green Card, or being on an H1B visa
    • Naturalization
    • DACA
  • Emotional and financial hardship
  • Feeling isolated and lonely
  • Dating and romantic relationships with Americans
  • Sexuality
  • Making friends



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